Live Virtual Conference: Sept 22-24, 2021

Day 1 – Opening Ceremonies with Co-Founders of FIT CHICKS Academy, Laura Jackson and Amanda Quinn

Day 1 – Our 3 Keys to a Lasting Fitness Transformation

Day 1 – Conversation with Holly Perkins

Day 1 – Live with Tina Tang

Day 2 – Morning Kickoff

Day 2 – Nutrition Talk with Laura Jackson

Day 2 – Nutrition Hacks with Nicole Plaza

Day 3 – Morning Kickoff

Day 3 – Discussing Mindset Shifts for Success with Dougmary Esquijarosa

Day 3 – The Gut-Mind Connection With Corrie Rabbe

Day 3 – The Power of Your Future Self Workshop

Day 3 – Closing Ceremonies

Fitness & Nutrition Expert Certification Program Info Session


Ditching the Scale: What Really Matters When it Comes to Results – Nicky Coyne

Why We Are Core Obsessed – Andrea Laver

Feminine Fitness for Better Results Without the Constant Hustle – Jenni Hulburt

Your Fast Track to Getting Lean and Reducing Body Fat Today – With Celebrity Trainer Holly Perkins

Baby Boomers Guide to Health – Beate Probst

Fit Over 50: Mastering the Mid Life Body Through Strength Training – Tina Tang

It’s Good to Feel Good: Using at Home Fitness Programs for Your Best Results – Marie Barker

Show Your Bladder Who’s Boss – Kim Vopni

Training With Injuries: How to Work With Your Body – Jessica Estrela

Why You Should Care About Mobility – Jessica Estrela

Cardio vs Strength Training: Which is Best? – Kathleen Trotter

Why Full Body Workouts are the Most Beneficial – Tessa Thomas

How to Fall in Love with Working Out – MJ Shaw

Habit Stacking and Other Health Hacks for Everyday Life – Mindy Mylrea

How Stretch Therapy Will Change Your Life – Sarah Mariano

HITT Vs LISS How To Pick Your Fitness Approach – Amanda Quinn


Post Natal Nutrition: How to REALLY support your body with food post baby – Nicole Plaza

Homemade Probiotics: Improving your Gut Health with Fermented Foods – Corrie Rabbe

Are Food Sensitivities Affecting your Results? – Dr. Cheryl Allen

The Complete in 3 Rule – Laura Jackson

The Cravings Crusher – Laura Jackson

Meal Prepping For Lasting Results – Melissa Lanz


Stress Less & Learn to Meditate – Marie Barker

Considerations for New Moms – Evelyn Crawford

The Truth Behind Detoxification & Fat Loss – Jennifer Papaconstinou


Post Natal Health: The Missing Mindset Connection – Nicole Plaza

Anti Diet Culture: How to Still Reach your Goals Without Ever Going on a Diet – Sangeetha Jeyabalasingam

Emotional Eating Behaviours & How to Address Them Today – Amber Romaniuk

3 Secrets to Lose Weight and Keeping it Off For Good – Michelle Thomas

The Missing Element for Success in Most Women’s Programs and how to Fix it for Best Results – Dougmary Esquijarosa


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