How to Apply for canfitpro

After graduating from the Fitness & Nutrition Expert Certifitcaion and completing the canfitpro FNE accreditation exam you will receive your FNE certificate and a letter to submit to canfitpro. Please note you need to submit both your certificate and the letter. 

To apply for accreditation with canfitpro to receive your FIS and PTS, you will need to go to their website, create a free member profile, and fill out a separate application for each.  If you only want to apply for 1 (ie FIS or PTS), you can do that too.  (Please note our cert is listed under FIS but also is valid for PTS)

Create your profile here:


  • Once you have created your member profile follow the directions below:
    1. Log into your member portal 
    2. Select “my certifications” (from top bar) 
    3. Select “Support Center” 
    4. Select “my requests” (from side profile selection) 
    5. Select “new Request” 
    6. Under heading Case Type choose “Certification Accreditation Request” This will automatically open PDF to your case. Open it and fill out required information, save the file and then attach it. 
    7. Attach all the required documentation and submit (please ensure that documents are not larger than 50 megabytes or it will not allow multiple attachments).