What does it mean to be accredited with canfitpro?

This Fitness & Nutrition Expert Certification is equivalent to both the PTS and FIS certifications for canfitpro.

What is the cost?

There is a $97 fee to take the accreditation exam through FIT CHICKS Academy. 

Please visit the canfitpro site to learn more about their membership fees and costs.

Do I need to get certified with canfitpro?

No, you are fully certified personal trainer, group fitness instructor and health coach with the Fitness & Nutrition Expert Certification. Fitness professionals are not regulated so there is no governing body that requires specific standards or criteria for certification. 

There are some fitness facilities that require canfitpro certification. 

What is the benefit of getting certified through canfitpro?

Canfitpro has a number of member benefits. Please visit the canfitpro site to learn more.

Can I do the canfitpro accreditation exam at a later date?

Yes! If you are unsure if you want to get the canfitpro certification, you can do the canfitpro FNE accreditation exam at any point.

What is the difference between the FNE practical exam and the canfitpro accreditation FNE Practical Exam? 

The scenarios for both the personal training and group fitness sections are the same. However, there a couple key differences: 

  • The FNE Practical exam is recorded, uploaded to the members site to be marked by a FIT CHICKS Academy Programs Coach
  • The canfitpro accreditation exam is done live virtually through zoom with a FIT CHICKS Academy Programs Coach as the evaluator
  • In the canfitpro accrediation exam, the scenarios are broken up into parts rather than videos.
  • There a few sections where you will only find out what you are coaching at the time of the exam by the Programs Coach

The breakdown and standards for both exams are the same. 

How do I apply to canfitpro?

Please visit the “How to Apply” topic for instructions.

Once certified, how do I renew my canfitpro certification?

Canfitpro has its own requirements for recertification that can be found on their website

Included in your FIT CHICKS University are optional tutorials that you can submit to canfitpro equivalent to 4 CECs