Baby Boomers Guide to Health – Beate Probst Copy


To be empowered whatever your age. Muster the inspiration, determination, discipline, and energy to make those changes that will propel you to your next level for the second act of your life. Reinvent yourself as you feel in your gut that your vibrancy and imperfect actions are working. Become the lead actor of your new story. You will discover that your chronological age has nothing to do with your biological age.


Baby Boomer Guide From Survive to Thrive


Beate Probst is the founder & CEO of Be-At-Ease Solutions and she helps woman reverse their body aging process with the help of real nutrition, exercise, support, motivation and accountability. She lives by her motto “Train in any mood, Lift at any age & Live to tell what happens” Loosing 50 lbs herself and keeping it off for over a decade has helped her develop tools to overcome stubborn weight gain especially during hormonal changes, that she is now passing on to her clients who are crushing their weight loss journey. In addition to being a Holistic Weigh Loss Expert and personal Online Trainer, she’s a mindset mentor and empowers woman to embark on a journey of self awareness and self love also recognizing that their weight loss is a side effect of an already beautiful woman.