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Practical Exam

This section is reserved for completing your practical exam. In the next section there is a video tutorial on how to complete your practical exam. Please note: Assignment 8 must be marked and returned to you prior to booking your exam.

Bonuses, Extras & Coaching Calls

Welcome to the Bonus section. Here you will find downloads to your bonus FIT CHICKS E-Books and bonus lesson. Please note that this lesson is not required to complete the Holistic Weight Loss Expert Program and you can click mark complete at the bottom of the page to start lesson 1. Coaching calls will take …

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Welcome Chick to the Holistic Nutrition Weight Loss Expert Program! To get started please do the following: Watch the orientation video. Download the Course Outline, Grad Checklist & FIT CHICKS Academy Manifesto. Join the Facebook Group. Fill out the survey so we can get to know you better! (The survey link was also included in …

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How to Create Fierce Plans & Coach for Results

In this course you will learn… Covering eating disorders, food addictions and how to shift to a mindset of weight loss. Also we dive into to how to coach for effective results and build plans for your clients that work!

Nutrition & Weight Loss

In this course you will learn… Nutrition for weight loss including quality, quantity, macros breakdown and consistency.  Also covered is how to make your kitchen weight loss friendly,  create glorious green smoothies, reading food labels and artificial sweeteners & substitutes.

Food Allergies, Intolerances & Inflammation

In this course you will learn… What are food allergies, food intolerance, inflammation and what is their connection to weight gain. We will also explore strategies to maintain your “barrel” and manage inflammation to help you and your clients lose weight.

Digestion, Gut Health & Weight Loss

In this module you will learn… How the digestive system works & the connection between gut health & weight loss, common digestive issues & strategies to support a health happy digestive tract for long term goals!