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Welcome to your FIT CHICKS Academy Done for You Bonus Challenge Pack. This bonus challenge pack was designed to help you fast track success within your business with your clients by providing them and you with programming to complete outside of your schedule classes. All challenges included in this bonus pack are 100% swipe files meant for you to rebrand and use as your very own allowing you to focus on clients instead of building all these materials!

The most important aspects to a successful coaching program are compliance, accountability, and connection. These 3 bonus challenges will help you to create all three by having clients complete the challenges outside of sessions creating compliance, making them accountable to you and themselves and creating a connection within your group or training sessions outside of regular coaching.

Each of these challenges included in your bonus pack have been successfully used within FIT CHICKS programming to build lasting results for clients and connections that kept them coming back for more.

For each challenge we have create a short video tutorial on how we recommend using each challenge successfully and how to implement this.

The 14 day Fitness and Nutrition Challenge:

This is a one for you fitness and nutrition challenge that focuses on getting clients moving and mindful about their fitness and nutrition outside of classes or coaching sessions with you. This is an excellent tool to add on to any coaching program during time off or to up the ante with the regular scheduled sessions.

BINGO Challenge:

A super fun and engaging way to get clients to become more mindful of fitness, nutrition and overall wellness. For any clients who are competitive, this will surely build major compliance and engagement.

8 Steps To Fabulousness Challenge:

One of our signature FIT CHICKS Academy workouts designed with fun in mind. This program builds on each exercise giving clients a real challenge but also a great feeling of success once completed. This challenge is a great addition to any fitness or coaching program to get clients engaged and moving in a fun and unique way. Easy to implement and can be done in less than an hour on their own or with you coaching them every step of the way.