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Welcome to the Fitness & Nutrition Expert Program!

This program is divided into four sections – Fitness, Practical Hours & Exam, Nutrition, & Wellness. Each module must be completed in order before moving onto the next with the exception of the Practical Hours & Exam*. Once you have completed a lesson by watching the video in its entirety, make sure to click on the Mark Complete button in order to move on to the next lesson. (*Please note: you can move on to the Nutrition Module prior to completing the practical portion of the course.)

*In the case that the Mark Complete button does not appear, rewatch the last 10 seconds of the video and the button should reappear.

The Practical Hours & Practical Exam module is released after the Fitness Module. In this module you can download the documentation needed to complete your hours, as well as some samples from prior students.

Be sure to check out the Bonuses Page to get access to some useful links and three FIT CHICKS E-Books!

To get started, click the Fitness & Nutrition Expert Orientation link below under Course Content.